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Types Of Cholesterol Drugs

Do you have problems with high levels of cholesterol? Regardless of physical activity, other forms of therapy and dieting? Physicians recommend that you try cholesterol lowering drugs. In case you have not heard of them, there are some new drugs on the market.


Cholesterol lowering drugs should be used as a last resort if you have tried everything else and it has failed. Did you know that cholesterol is essential in cells to your body? However, you can have too much of it as this will increase your risk of heart disease. Thatís why it is critical to maintain and healthy lifestyle.

Your physician will determine if you need to take cholesterol lowering drugs based on blood tests. Cholesterol lowering drugs have proven to help in reducing your cholesterol level.

However, keep this in mind, these drugs are pricey and there are some that have side effects. In an effort to reduce your chances of having high cholesterol you need to maintain a low fat diet, exercise, maintain a healthy weight and if you smoke, stop! If you are concerned or are experiencing side effects, consult your physician.

There are a variety of cholesterol lowering drugs such as statin. This drug has proven to be successful in lowering cholesterol.

However, this drug is known to cause side effects. Experts recommend if you are taking statin, you should also take Enzyme Q-10. if you take this drug you are depleting your body of necessary enzymes.

Bile Sequestrates
Bile sequestrates are another type of drug therapy. Bile acids are released from the liver and gall bladder in the bile.

They then go through the intestine to reduce the amount of fatty material in the food, this helps with absorption. The released bile acids are then absorbed into the intestine and then to the liver. Malabsorption can be a problem with this medication.

Fibric Acids
Fibric acids cut down the production of triglycerides and stop it from circulating. These drugs also help by increasing the amount of HDL or what is known as good cholesterol.

Nicotinic Acid
Nicotinic acids also work by lowering the LDL cholesterol and increasing the level of HDL cholesterol. Large doses of this can lower triglycerides.

Several of these cholesterol lowering drugs are easy and safe to take .Although sometimes they may have a few drug-drug interactions. Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and constipation are common side effects of these drugs. The symptoms are usually mild to severe and usually settle as the drug therapy continues.

Take the time to speak with your physician to assure that you are taking the proper amount of medication in the correct dosage. Choosing the type of drug that is best for you is essential.


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