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Sorting Fact From Fiction About Cholesterol

Cholesterol levels are confusing. There is good cholesterol and bad and lipids and many other confusing terms. Are you unsure as to what it all means! You are not alone! There is a wealth of information on the subject but how do you know what is fact and what is fiction?


You may want to take the time to study the subject so that you are clear what is true and what is fiction.

True or False: The elderly are the only ones with high cholesterol.

This is SO not true! You can be in your 20ís and have high cholesterol. In fact it is recommended that you have your cholesterol checked on a regular basis. If you have a history of heart disease in your family and or live a sedentary lifestyle and have eat poorly you are at risk. Cholesterol tests should be regularly and at least once in every five to seven years to prevent health problems and avoid health complications in the future.

True or False: I do not have a problem with cholesterol because I am rarely sick and I exercise on a regular basis.

You may not have any symptoms if your cholesterol is too high. If you exercise on a regular basis, that is great but, you could still have a problem with cholesterol. Other factors are diet,your weight, age and gender, family history, and other factors.

True or False: If you take vitamin C and vitamin E which are, known as anti-oxidants, you will not have any problems with cholesterol.

False! There are no guarantees! There are several factors that affect the levels of Cholesterol. Vitamins help but there are other determining factors as well. If you want to get started in reducing your cholesterol level, start eating a healthy diet and start exercising.

True or False: Drinking a glass of red wine on a daily basis with dinner makes you immune to heart disease.

Studies have shown that moderate amounts of red wine will increase HDL. However, alcohol is high in calories and it may cause an increase in triglycerides, which will put undue pressure on the liver, and will increase blood pressure.

True or False: Look for health conscious products that have low cholesterol labels.

No. There are some products that are low in cholesterol however, they may be high in saturated fats.

True or False: You should never try to lower your cholesterol level.

The liver produces enough Cholesterol to perform its functions. If you start living a healthy lifestyle, and start an exercise routine, this will help lower your cholesterol level.

True or False: If you are overweight you are destined to have high cholesterol.

Not necessarily, however, it is a contributing factor. You may have problems with high cholesterol and not even know it. You may want to consider a healthy diet and exercise so that you are on your way to living a long and healthy life.


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